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Talent recruitment

Talent Concept

Talent concept

Talent Concept

The company is doing everything it can: people are suitable for their position, and their position is suitable for their people.

The company not only retains people through remuneration, but also wants to retain people through careers and emotions.

Leading advanced technology, creating market value, embodying product value, and realizing personal value.

Achieve a win-win for the market, the enterprise, and the individual.

Corporate philosophy

Talent is the capital of an enterprise, and talent is the most precious wealth.

The company’s employment standards are: both ability and political integrity, with virtue first

The company's competition mechanism is: those who have the ability to go, the equal to let the mediocre, and the mediocre.

Recruitment position

Recruitment position

Technical Service Engineer Technical service departmentTongxiang, Zhejiang Province

Education requirements: college degree or above work experience: more than 2-3 years release time: February 25, 2018 workplace: Jiaxing

operating duty:

1. Mainly engaged in after-sales technical support;

2. Be familiar with PLC programming and relay control principle;

3. Be familiar with the working principle of CNC machine tools;

4. Be practical and willing to study technology;


1. Technical secondary school degree or above in mechatronics, automation control and machinery;

 2. At least two to three years working experience in after-sales service of construction machinery products;

3. Be familiar with electrical control, PLC programming and CNC system application of construction machinery and equipment, have weak circuit knowledge, and read circuit diagram;

4. Be familiar with computer operation and CAD;

5. Able to work under pressure, with executive ability and analysis and judgment ability;

6. Good language skills and interpersonal skills;

7. Be able to travel frequently and have C1 driver's license

8. Experience in on-site commissioning, installation and maintenance of CNC lathes, machining centers and other mechanical equipment is preferred;

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